Portraits by Commission

Honored the life of your beloved ones.

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Concepts & Inspirations

What's out there that moves my inspiration. Let me explain it to you!

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Fun at the Studio

My favorite place in the World! Where the power of creation, experience and the artistic talent, work together.

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Since 1993

What Moves Me

My artwork is about expression and emotions —Portraits and nudity.

Deeper than that, I like to capture the emotion on "that" specific moment life.

"That" Moment —A very abstract definition of something that goes on in a specific space and time, eventhough is limitless, cause you cannot count moments in your watch, but only in your heart.

People usually make references to a portrait as how accurate it is with the model or how real he or she looks. And is valid, one way or the other this is part of the responsibility of portraiture. Never the less, I like to go deeper into emotions and create a sense of what the model is thinking, remembering or feeling at the moment of the painting. Cause I decided to leave resemblance to photographers and go further in creating emotions that provoque a dialogue between my work and the viewer.




I have a variety of techniques to show - Hoping you enjoy my artwork.