Anny Chong

I'm a living mix of cultures. Who was born in United States, but living today in Costa Rica, my father was cuban/taiwanese and my mother costa rican. Since the early years of my life, I have been a creative child who grew up with an unstoppable eagerness to study art in all its forms and different techniques and ways to improve the aesthetic in my models.

I became a graphic designer, and when received drawing and illustration classes at college, I realized my interest in the human figure, so I learned anatomy and of course facial expression —It started with color pencils, ink and chalk.

Recently, on early 2015 I decided to give my talent a chance, and started opening a way through the art industry under Luis Tenorio and Arianne Garnier mentoring. Since then I've been doing portraits and nudes; focused on the expression of "that" exact moment of the soul that will be immortalized forever.


  • Collective Exhibition at Casa de la Cultura de Puntarenas - February 2019
  • Collective Exhibition at Galería Antígono - August 2018
  • Collective Exhibition at Galería Matices - August 2017
  • Solo Exhibition at KC Hotel Gallery - May 2016
  • Collective Exhibition at Galería Matices - April 2016
  • Collective Exhibition at Galería Matices - June 2015