Is a special place where I experiment the unstoppable power of the energy of creation, where nothing is good or bad, but free.
Is where I have the freedom to express and chose moments and feelings that happen on my mind or on the mind of others, that constantly enlight me with their amuzing stories. And of course, the portraits or nudity paintings that I chose to work by commission.

My studio is my favorite place in the world, cause I feel free when I’m in there, I don’t have to deal with daily issues, there’s no TV/cable, therefore, no news or any sort of manipulative marketing. Instead I have a computer where I can choose to see a never-ending material on documentaries, tv shows, music or movies. Even connect with my friends around the world – good thing about technology.

Recently an old friend asked me – Anny, now that you have reached the dream of having your own studio. How does it feel like? – I told him that once I decided to give my artistic talent a chance in life. It has been flowing like a river, which I don’t know yet where it ends, but I do know that great things has happened since then. And by having the opportunitty of my own space for creation and re-creation is just a proof that I’m on the path to somewhere… and this is the journey of an artist.