The Bright Side of Critic


 The Bright Side of Critic

The Bright Side of Critic

On my younger years I used to care a lot of what people say about me or my art work. I was pretty insecure, and had questions like – Was I good enough or if I was doing it right. Read more>

Until, I realized that in art industry you never know what’s right or wrong; basically there isn’t! Because there are no limits to creativity and in relation to technology, art supports and resources are unlimited. And the most valuable lesson is I’ve learned is – There are no boundaries, but the ones you imposed to yourself.

Therefore, I think is fair to say that I like when somebody criticizes my artwork. It shows me that it had some relevance for somebody wether for the good or the bad, it provoked an impact, and it means people are paying attention to me, and that’s the part that I couldn’t understand until now.

So now and more than ever, I enjoy been an artist, and have fun every time I play with my brushes or simply draw some lines while planning my next collection.

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