Potraiture, is the oldest form of art that still survives through time. For thousand of years, portraits, in all its forms; as drawings, paintings or sculptures, were mostly reserved for those deemed important enough to be honored with a work of art bearing their likeness. Mostly the wealthy, royalty, nobility, important religious and historic figures were the most common subjects. The good thing about our time, is that portraits are affordable.

Anny Chong – “I like the idea of honoring the life of pople with a portrait”. Even if you are interest in commission a portrait of yourself. It always begins with an interview to have a better understanding of what is the project about, the needs, the concerns and of course, the expectations of the artwork - Keeping a healthy communication is key to achieve a happy result.

Always enthusiastic about showing my art pieces portfolio, so you can have an idea on your mind of the range of my skills.

Policy Once interview is over and both parties agree to work together on the new commission. I require payment up front, usually 50%, depending on how big the project is, it could be negotiable.

My policy is to allow a complete refund if I can't get the sketches to look the way you want them to. Once I start putting down paint, I only allow a 50% refund off, of the upfront payment already paid, which would be 25%.

I am ready to begin working on the project as soon as I receive your payment; please let me know how it is easiest for you to pay. I accept, PayPal transfer, Western Union or Bank wire and will send you further details about your preferred method.

Send me a direct email if you are interest in a portrait or if you simply want to say hi to info@annychong.com.

Anny Chong Artwork
Portrait Drawing - Marco & daughter